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Expert TOEFL Training in Dubai

We know that you are Looking to achieve outstanding scores in the TOEFL exam and unlock international opportunities. In Dubai, JAK Global Education is your go-to resource for thorough TOEFL instruction. Our knowledgeable instructors are committed to equipping you with the language abilities and test-taking techniques needed to succeed on the TOEFL.
At JAK Global Education, we understand how vital it is for you to get your desired TOEFL scores for academic pursuits or professional growth. Our TOEFL training courses cover all aspects of the exam, including reading, listening, speaking, and writing. With a student-focused approach, we cater to your unique learning needs and provide individual attention.
Our interactive classroom sessions and practice exercises ensure that you feel confident and well- prepared on exam day. We deliver personalized feedback and continuous support. This way we aim to boost your English language proficiency and enhance your performance in the TOEFL exam.

Our Courses

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$275 /

  • TOEFL iBT based preparation
  • TOEFL Pre-test strategies session
  • 25+ scores Writing Evaluation
  • 25+ scores Speaking Evaluation
  • TOEFL Speaking strategies
  • TOEFL Reading Tips
  • TOEFL Listening Techniques
  • 04 Weeks Extensive Training
  • One-on-One Writing Evaluation(02)
  • One-on-One Speaking Evaluation(02)
  • Mock Test Feedback(01)

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$29.99 /Month

Ace Your TOEFL Exam with JAK Institute

Prepare for TOEFL success with our student centric preparation program at JAK Global Education. JAK is a leading name in Dubai in this domain and accordingly, we offer specialized courses designed to help you achieve your target scores.
TOEFL scores are an essential requirement for studying abroad or seeking international employment opportunities. With our comprehensive preparation program, you’ll receive expert guidance on each exam section. This will allow you to demonstrate your English language proficiency confidently.
The experienced instructors at JAK Global Education offer helpful tips and techniques to successfully complete the TOEFL’s reading, listening, speaking, and writing portions. You will prepare for exams in a real exam setting thanks to our emphasis on practical activities and realistic test scenarios.
Join JAK Global Education’s TOEFL preparation course to start your path to language mastery and global success. Let our knowledge and assistance pave the way for a prosperous future brimming with limitless opportunities.

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